The Best Sunglasses from: Quay Australia

Spring is just around the corner and while New Jersey has been teasing us with sunshine, the temps have been far from warm. BUT … I can feeeel the heat approaching.

One of my favorite accessories to wear during spring and summer are sunglasses. Just like hats are the cure all to 4th or 5th day hair, sunnies are the cure all for days I DON’T feel like putting on makeup.

In the past, I never purchased one specific sunnies brand on repeat…until Quay. I’ve been collecting Quay Australia Sunglasses for years now – I’m up to 4 pairs. Their styles are different and edgy and I think they have shapes and styles for everyone.

The Best Quay Australia Sunglasses

1. Zeus I have a pair of Quay sunnies that are very similar in style to the Zeus sunglasses that I’ll share below. The Zeus sunglasses do not have as much of a prominent point as the ones I own but there are other details that are very similar. The things I love most about these sunglasses are the petite shape and matte black frame. Also come in a taupe shade.

Zeus Quay Australia

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 12.26.15 PM

2. French Kiss These sunnies have a feminine cat eye shape. I love the tortoise shell pattern. These sunnies are on the larger side and might overpower your face if you have a smaller face shape. I personally love how big they are but it’s something to keep in mind. 

French Kiss QUAY Australia

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 12.21.00 PM.png

3. High Keys (mini) – these may be the most popular shades from Quay. Until recently I learned that they come in a mini version! They High Key sunglasses come in a bunch of different colors and have mirrored lenses. I own and love the gold shades. High key sunglasses add a little something extra to your typical aviator sunglasses.

High Key Mini Gold Quay Australia

4. Cafe Racer – definitely the most bold pair of the bunch. I love the straight brow feature and oversized look. This pair is sure to make a statement.

Cafe Race Quay Australia Sunglasses

5. Walk On – This pair also comes in a tortoise pattern, making them a good dupe for the Karen Walker sunglasses. I love the circular lenses. I think these are the most versatile pair of these picks – great for casual weekend wear or paired with a midi and some heels.

Walk On Quay Australia Sunglasses

Which pair is your favorite!? Share in the comments below.

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