Content Planning w*My Plum Paper Planner

Last week on Insta I shared that my blogger bestie and I had a content planning session. I’ve always had a planner for projects at work and my personal to-do’s but up until now haven’t really planned any content for my blog or instagram.

I know a lot of people use a multiple planning system buuut that doesn’t work for me – it’s way too much to keep track of so I got a planner that allows me to segment my day and different categories, like blog and social media content!

This year I went with a Plum Paper vertical planner with headers that I can fill out for whatever the weeks needs will be. But I always leave a section toward the bottom of the planner for blog/social media content.

I’ll track 1/3 or even 3/3 of the following in the blog/social media of my planner:

1. Social media posts – if there is a specific post I want to plan ahead for, I’ll mark the date I want to post the image in my planner.

2. Photo shoots – I always plan my outfits out ahead of time. I use this section of my planner to keep track of what outfits I want to shoot when. I’ll also make notes to myself as I am a very forgetful person! If I want to remember to shoot a detail shot of jewelry or shoes, ill make note of it under the outfit idea.

3. Content timelines/deadlines- The space allows me to jot down deadlines for myself. For instance if I want to get a blog post up by Friday, I usually like to have the content and post all completed by Wednesday. This section is huge on holding me accountable to get my sh*t done and in order.

Another way I use this space for content and deadlines is for purchases! If I want to put together say, an amazon haul, I’ll include when I need to place the order by so I have everything I need by the time I’m ready to shoot the content.

The side bar section is also really helpful as well. The notes section of this planner is great to make lists of items I need, or want to purchase.

I feel so much more confident that I will provide consistent content for you guys after figuring out this system! If you’re interested in this specific planner I’ll link it here. Keep in mind they have multiple layouts that you can choose from so you can find something that works for you specifically.

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