Must Haves: Articles of Society Jeans

Today I want to share my favorite pair of jeans with you! I know for many, shopping for jeans can be an excruciating experience. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to find the perfect pair. Well, I have found mine!

This pair of Article of Society jeans hit all the marks for me. First of all, they are so soft. They actually don’t even feel like jeans, more so like a jegging. The wash is beautiful. When I can’t decide on a pair of jeans, I pretty much always reach for these. Lastly, they have a rough hem which I love. I’m mostly throwing boots over the hem during this time of year, but it gives your outfit an edgy end look in the summer with some wedges or sandals.

These jeans are trying to size – hey are high waisted, so keep that in mind. Here are these jeans with my favorite looks.

Articles of Society Jeans HERE

Articles of Society


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