Home Decor: Fall Fireplace

How many pumpkins is too many pumpkins?! That’s the thought that was running through my head while I was shopping Home Goods and Hobby Lobby for some home decor items this past weekend. I ended up finding some really great pieces that will work not just through Halloween but all fall long.

The fireplace in my living room is the focal point so I wanted to bring it to life for my favorite season.  I kept everything really neutral. When it comes to decorating, especially for holidays, I tend to stay away from the true colors that represent say, Halloween or Christmas. You can totally still bring any particular season or holiday to light while keeping things light modern and neutral.

I wanted a really cozy feel so I picked up a this basket from Hobby Lobby to throw a bunch of blankets in. I like to keep it on the cooler side in my house so there is never as shortage of comfy blankets in my living room.

Next to that, I arranged 3 pumpkins together all with different textures. There is a ton of variety at home goods, and Hobby Lobby so choose your personal favs!

Tote Basket HERE | Glitter Pumpkin HERE

Another element I wanted to incorporate was warmth and light so I picked up some warm string lights to fill in a lantern. I included the cotton stems and the galvanized ‘Hi’ sign with the lantern to add some dimension with height.

Cotton Stems in Vase HERE | Galvanized ‘Hi.’ Decor HERE | Lantern HERE | String Lights HERE

I absolutely love how this little nook of my home came out! What’s your favorite season to decorate for?!

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